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A Collection of 9999 Yeti
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Who are the Yeti?

The SWETI YETI LAUNCH CLUB is a unique collection of 9,999 NFTs (Non-Fungible Token) on the Ethereum blockchain. This project is inspired by the idea to create a community for digital art, gaming, mining and project incubation.


ETH Blockchain

Fiat Option Coming Soon


Pre-Pre Sale
January 22

The Team

Here is our dedicated team!

Speaker 1

Dylan Taylor


Speaker 2

Meghan Taylor


Road Map

Our Plans for the New Year

Yeti Origin

Yeti Origin and Gallery

Where did the Yeti come from?

As minting season rapidly approaches, the Yeti are quickly packing up their camps throughout the multiverse and journeying back to the Yeti Hash Mines. With pickaxe in hand, bringing as much yellow snow and Christmas treetops as they can carry, the Swetiest of Yeti set off to begin the Great Yeti Minting Migration to the Ethereum blockchain. This awe-inspiring event only occurs once every millennium, an expedition spanning over several universes!

Though sadly this time, when The Yeti finally arrive within the Metaverse, they find a new species has moved in from the physical world. Now discovering their Hash Mines in ruin, plundered by the greedy Human race, they must start anew and rebuild their empire from ashes.


Here are a few charities that we at SYLC plan to give back to.

charities 1


ARC Programs mission is to provide excellent support, prevention, intervention, treatment, and rehabilitative services, for children, youth, individuals and families in the communities of the Interior Region of BC.

charities 2

For You To Decide!

The needs of different groups around the globe are ever changing. So we have decided to leave this place for a cause of your choice.
We will host a special discussion of current events and take a poll from community suggestions to decide!

charities 3

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Learn about suicide, how you can help prevent it, and resources for those affected, from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.


  • • Follow standard ERC-721 minting steps through our official website. We will post guide videos beforehand!

  • • In total, 9,999 Sweti Yeti's will be born this season.

  • • ETH Main Net (ERC-721)

  • • Participate in our Discord server, be kind and help others!

  • • Pre-pre= Jan 22nd

    • Pre-Sale= TBD

  • • Pre-pre= 0.08ETH

    • Pre-Sale= 0.1ETH

    • Public Sale= 0.12ETH